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Let's Talk

Hopefully you agree
It's time to stop all the hate,
and come back together as a nation. 

I'm considering stepping forward to try my best
to listen and share. 
To serve you and your interests !! 
To bring some peace to the current situation.

So think about inviting me to speak,
and listen to you,
and your group. 
I thank God every day
for the many blessings and opportunities
I have been given.
And each day is precious.
I'm willing to share some of my time with you.


Issues and Positions

Our country has some very serious issues to be sure. I certainly have my beliefs and opinions, as well as a number of possible solutions and actions to help make our lives better and protect your power, freedom and liberties. And your wallet !!
I wouldn't consider running if I wasn't convinced that I can do this.
And do it well !!

Meeting and listening with you, as well as giving you sound intelligent reasoning on how we can proceed together as one America.

Help me, HELP YOU !!


This Stage of The Campaign

The current time frame is about "Ballot Access", which means giving you a real choice on election day.
If I make it on the ballot, you can then learn more about me and what I stand for, positions you may agree or disagree on etc.
That's what
"The Campaign"
will be all about.

If I don't appear on the ballot, you will not have that choice.

I and my wife simply retire
and enjoy life.


Why Help?

If you do nothing.

The Incumbant will simply be

"Business as Usual".
Slam Dunk !!
No real opposition.
30 years already in Congress will become
32 years of "The Same Thing"

If you're happy with your current Representative, then by all means, 
Do Nothing.
The Choice is YOURS.

© Copyright 2019, 2020  Ron Kelly
All Rights Reserved